Elevate Your Grad Style

Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s Your Grad Day, Make It Count

You worked hard for your diploma. Show the world how proud you are. Let your family and friends see you in all your glory.

Be Humble. Be Fashionable. Be Glorious. Be GradWYSE.

The truth is, when you look back at your grad day 5 years from now, you won't remember the days leading up to it. You will remember the emotional feeling of joy, pride and achievement. Why not add one more memory to that list, recognition. GradWYSE gear will help you stand out on a level that your family and friends will remember for decades. 10 years later, people will still say, “remember that cap decoration you had”. And you can't put a price on recognition.

Our Philosophy

GradWYSE was built on a tradition of excellence. Our clients know us as a one stop shop for their graduation products. Both college and high school students deserve the pleasure of experiencing a memorable graduation. That's why our philosophy is centered around the belief that great moments deserve great adornments. Any one of our GradWYSE products will immortalize your experience for decades to come. Don’t shove your cap and gown in a closet for all of eternity, never to be seen again. GradWYSE products will help you to be proud of showcasing your graduation attire right next to your diploma.

Company History

GradWYSE was founded in 2015 with a dream and a passion. In the beginning, we started off by selling conventional graduation products for students everywhere. As the years went on, we discovered that people had a hard time discovering quality decorative caps and graduation souvenirs. Most of what is available on the market for graduating students is the same that has been available for the past 3 decades. We wanted to offer students something unique they would be remembered by. It was at that moment, we decided to start selling handmade decorative caps produced by local artists and other novelty graduation products.


Your graduation day is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. It represents the culmination of all your hard work and achievements wrapped up into one 4 to 5 hour ceremony. We understand this and therefore operate based on a few values that we don't compromise on.


Our commitment to quality is evident in the professional materials and professional design that we use in all of our products.


By utilizing the most creative design and templates, we create truly memorable graduation products you can keep for a lifetime.


You are guaranteed innovative designs that you won't see anywhere else. At GradWyse, we take pride in developing truly unique styles for all students to wear.